Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Acids in the Stomach! Reflection

During the last week, my group and I studied acids in the stomach. While doing this, I learned that the generic brand and the regular brand have a lot in common. There isn't many things that set them apart. The pH levels when they were added to vinegar were the slightly different, if not the exact same. Before doing this experiment, my group and I discussed all the options, and we figured that the name brands would be so much better compared to the generic. Boy were we in for a surprise! There was no difference in the pH level, but there were definitely some different observations that we could tell from the way they reacted. Although I doubt we would have known the difference between the regular and the generic if they were all placed together. The best product out of the ones we used was by far the baking soda, with a pH of 6. There was a lot learned during this lab, but the most important was how the acids and bases react together, and the effects they cause.

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