Monday, December 6, 2010


Poison Frogs:
Most of the "colorful and small" frogs in the wild today are poisonous, but not all. Although they are, they tend to loose most of their toxicity when bred in captivity. This is true even if they are born in the wild! These frogs get most of their toxicity from an ant that they can only eat in the wild, because of them being in captivity, they are not fed these ants and therefore they loose most if not all of their toxicity. Although frogs are labeled as the most "poisonous," just by them coming into contact with the human skin wont kill a person, but if one were to have an open cut and touched a poisonous frog, they would die before they would get to say, "oops that frog is poisonous." Some tribes in rainforests dip their arrows in frog poison to make them deadly weapons. That's probably where "poison dart frogs" got their common name.

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