Monday, May 2, 2011

Humane Society

A few weeks ago, a guy from the Humane Society in Denver came in and had a discussion with the class about how they are trying to calm down the number of stray animals running around towns. As he targeted specifically the town of La Junta for the presentation, we were asked to take some forms and record information about stray animals running around a specific route at the same time of day a few days a week. While at my grandparents house for a family gathering, the topic was brought up, because my aunts grandma has a huge problem with stray cats showing up at her house, and it has recently gotten to the point that she can no longer take care of them all because there are way to many for one person. This problem has been going on for a few years, starting with just a few 2 or 3 cats maybe, but as the years have gone along, the problem has continued to grow and is at the point of over population. So then came along the question of what could stop this growing problem, and I had a flash back from the Humane Society, and how they are going around spaying and neutering dogs and cats. So if they would have gotten to the stray cats a few years ago would the problem still be as bad? The answer is simply. Most likely not. So how is one to solve the problem? If the stray cat that started the growing in the first place, most likely the several cats that are running around there now wouldn't be a problem. What may not of had an impact on the town if controlled, is now one of the major factors to the over population. It has gotten to the point where one person can no longer handle to try to take care of them. When will the problem be solved? Thanks to the Humane Society in Denver Colorado, the problem has become widely known, and steps are being taken in order to control the over population.

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