Monday, October 11, 2010

Research Article

While reading the article "‘Dead simple’ way to see atomic structure", I learned that moving molecules can be pinned down under room temperature conditions. They tested several different experiments to test this idea. Some researchers are even working to improve the resolution so that it could be used to image the atomic structure of biomolecules and other proteins. They are saying that it may be possible to determince the structure of complicated molecules, such as protein-protein complexes that are very different to crystallized. The data from one molecule might reveal the gross structure. The first layer of water is ice, even if it is at room temp. At a high humidity levels, a second layer of water will cover the first layer, this is also known as ice. Additional layers of water will coat the surfaces as droplets. While reading this article, I was able to research several different topics that I didn't know about water molecules.

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